Susie Davis

Innovative instruction for piano and voice in popular music styles for kids, teens and adults. On-line and in-person

Susie Davis Playing

SUSIE DAVIS is a lifelong music professional and respected music educator . She has toured and recorded with some of the top names in the music world including; Mick Jagger, Billy Idol, Prince, Sheila E, Daryl Hall, Sinead O'Connor, Pat Benatar, and Van Morrison among many others. She currently performs live with Those Darn Accordions. Susie's balanced approach to learning piano emphasizes practical skills for people interested in writing their own songs, playing from chord charts, improvising, working in ensembles, playing by ear, performing live, and just having fun with music. She specializes in a chord-based method that allows students to play popular songs and accompany themselves while singing. She tailors her lessons to work with each student's goals, abilities, and tastes, creating a customized path for learning.


She is also a songwriter and record producer and can help aspiring songwriters gain the skills needed to start or complete original songs and compositions.


She has also worked as: the director of Blue Bear School of Music’s summer songwriting camps, as a music-director for many Bay Area theatre companies and schools, as a coach and arranger for middle and high school choirs, and as a teacher for rock and roll band and vocal classes.


She gives lessons on-line, and also in-person at her studio in Pt. Richmond, CA.


“It is the beauty we create that makes me feel the most love for mankind. Therefore to me…it’s all about the arts. As a lifelong music professional, I know firsthand the joy that self-expression through music can bring. As a teacher, my goal is to give students the tools that will help them open doors to their own creativity, so that the joy of self-expression can come into their lives as well” 
– Susie Davis