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Vagabond Girl

Recorded with the short-lived but wondrous band
Scrap Pile
featuring Robert Powell and Carri Abrahms

Vagabond Girl - S. Davis C 2005
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Bring the Wagon Round

With Scrap Pile once again

Bring the Wagon Round - S. Davis C 2005

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Zydeco Coquette

From the Gator Beat album
Stompin at the Bal De Maison
produced by Susie Davis.

Zydeco Coquette - S. Davis C 2012

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Boris the Spider

Boris the Spider - The Rubinoos

Boris the Spider - S. Davis

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Who Wouldn’t Want a Glockenspiel For Christmas?

My husband and I actually gave our son Tennessee a Glockenspiel for Christmas and the occasion just deserved a song. We played it for him on a boom box as he opened his present

- S. Davis C 2015

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Opium King

Opium King - unreleased demo

Opium King - S. Davis C 1998