Dr. Mike Harris (parent):

“This is a completely different experience for students than the usual ‘music lessons’! Susie is not only someone who can connect with her students, she also clearly loves teaching. By using popular music that is easily accessible even to younger students, she teaches theory together with keyboard skills. By having the students record their performances, they have something permanent to show their progress; my children love to listen to ‘their’ CD’s and even have their performances on their Ipods! If I had a music teacher like Susie when I was younger, I certainly would have stayed with music lessons much longer than I did”.

Ann Siembieda (parent):

“My Daughter, age 12, loves playing songs of her choice. Susie has arranged piano versions of everything from the Ramones to Sheryl Crow, while also introducing Moonlight Sonata to her. When my daughter started piano, she was frustrated by lessons which relied solely on sight-reading. Susie’s method of getting her to understand pop/rock chord progressions revived her interest, and is making her a more independent improviser. Susie uses methods that each student responds to.”

Leah Whippy (age 11):

“I have a ton of fun here at Alleycats. After my three other teachers, Susie makes the great stuff she is teaching fun and exciting. I love it when she asks me….’So what song do you want to do next?’. She lets it be all up to me!”

Makaela Susnow (age 17):

“Susie is an amazing teacher. She has a method of teaching that focuses on the area that you desire to excel in. She teaches in a way that is fun and always interesting. I have been studying with her for four years and have been entertained the whole time, as well as progressed dramatically.”
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